Vintage Bell

Design looks back to look forward and brings a feminine elegance to the season. The sweet, nostalgic sensibility of the early 1960s has remained relevant and embraces this ultra-femme trend showcasing playful femininity and retro charm. Designs showered in a pretty ditsy print epitomize the ladylike feel of the season. Capturing the essence of vintage, traditional prints are given a contemporary twist with modern techniques. Creamy pastels continue as the key direction for color as wistful femininity is palpable in design that utilizes soft, hazy filters and gentle pastels.

Print inspiration:

  • antiquated florals
  • ditsy prints
  • feminine
  • hazy filters
  • micro motifs / pointillist dots
  • simple impressionist floral
  • retro prints and color palettes
  • dated 1940s floral in stong purple tones
  • floral prints in gorgeous lavender-green tones
  • sepia-tones capture the passing of time
  • pastels: seafoam, peach, powder pink and pale yellow
  • colored lace