Meaningful Edits

Less is more. This story goes back to the drawing board and the quest for inspiration invites us to strip back to the core – simple and sophisticated. Simplicity is understood by everyone – design is clean and considered: free of any physical clutter, it mirrors the definition of minimalism and brings a calm and collected silence to prints and graphics this season. Getting back to basics, and grounded in a monochrome palette, design values quality over quantity featuring linear play from simple textures to bleeding modern ombré. Stripes often collide and offset. Clean lines and minimalist detailing enhance the limited color range featuring the perennially popular color combination of black and white along with classic neutrals. Cotton white and dense black lay the foundations, while wheat, steel blue and skimming stone grey pave the way for natural highlights

Print inspiration:

  • less is more
  • offset stripes
  • circles and simple shapes
  • colorblocking
  • subtle and straightforward designs
  • blurred stripes, black and white
  • monochrome and limited colors