La Mer

A riot of lively color and pattern combine bold and graphic prints for the beach and beyond. Geometrics in red, white and blue give a perfect-for-summer vibe. Blue and white prints are key for days on water and French navy retains a touch of tradition, as bright pink and blue play with peripheries. Conversational prints are graphic and sophisticated, taking reference from seascapes and handwriting. Linear plays of variegated and beach towel stripes are mismatched or offset for new dimensions or used in classically simple ways. Breton or bright, macro or micro – stripes strike out for a look that rules while simple dots and loose circular imprints create a renewed interest in the classic polka dot.

Print inspiration:

  • blue and white
  • French navy
  • pink
  • red
  • bold colors
  • graphic prints
  • clean geometrics
  • offset stripes
  • variegated stripes
  • polka dots
  • graphic conversational prints
  • nostalgic and retro